Review: Proactiv+

Hello Internet Friends.


I mentioned in my October Favourites that I had recently bit the bullet and purchased the Proactiv+ system.

And I love it.

Over the past 10 years I have tried nearly every product with every different key ingredient in the hope that it would clear up my skin. After years of experimenting I found that Benzoyl Peroxide works best for my skin. So I decided to give the Proactiv+ system a go.

And while I try to be as natural as possible with what I put on my skin, my acne caused me so much trauma and embarrassment that I would try anything just to see some results.

The Proactiv+ System, while harsh, is a miracle product for me.

It has been amazing for my skin. In just a few months my skin has cleared up significantly. Don’t get me wrong, its not perfect. But the spots I get now are just little red spots not those angry cystic pimples that cause pain and embarrassment.

Probably TMI, but I naturally breakout around my chin and cheeks at that time of the month. This past month however all I got was  one single spot on my cheek. And after years of painful chin spots, I am so grateful to have found a product that works.

I have now found the confidence to leave the house without makeup, which is not something I’ve been able to do in about 5 years.

I tried to find a before photo for a before and after but I cannot find a photo of me not wearing makeup to coverup my spots.

I’m so grateful that I am able to wear makeup for fun, and experiment with it because I want to, not because I feel like I have to.

Until next time. x

Disclaimer: The Proactiv+ system is expensive and may not work for everybody. Be sure before making any expensive purchases. Not a sponsored post.