Fashion Inspo: Taylor Swift

Hello Internet Friends.
I have a major woman crush on Taylor Swift. (You can read here what I think about her new album).
Her style this year has been unbelievable. 100% on trend.
One thing that I love about TSwift is that her fashion style can be replicated on the cheap.
Being a uni student, I don’t have much money to spend on expensive clothing but love to be inspired by Taylor’s outfits.
I’ve spent some time putting together some of Taylor’s outfits on Polyvore for much cheaper than I assume she paid for hers.
TS #1taylor-swift-hot-in-nycTS #2
taylor-swift-5-600x900TS #3
 I hope this has given you some fashion inspiration.
As TSwift so aptly says ‘we never go out of style’
Until next time. x