Review: Bourjois Little Pot Blush

Hello Internet Friends.

I’ve found my new favourite blush.

The Bourjois Little Pot Blush in Rose Ambre is amazing. Literally the perfect colour for spring.

I’m in love with the colour, it just seems to suit my complexion perfectly. Also, the pigmentation is perfect. You can put on the smallest amount and get a great colour pop, or build it up for a really dramatic look.

This blush is also relatively inexpensive for how good it is.

I’m definitely going to be buying some more from this colour range.

Until next time. x



Hello Internet Friends.


Yes, I know this is two posts in one day. I felt like I had to make up for my absence.

I really want to talk about how good Taylor Swift’s new album 1989 is.

I am no music expert by any means, but if I can listen to a whole album on repeat for a week and not get sick of it, that is a great album in my book.

Every single song is catchy and different from the one before.

Love. Love. Love

My five fave songs from the album are:

1. I Wish You Would

2. Welcome to New York

3. Blank Space

4. Out of the Woods

5. Style

Also, can we talk about gorgeous Taylor Swift is. I am totally in love with her style – both fashion and makeup.

Love. Love. Love.

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Like seriously, how effortless is her style.

Until next time. x

Review: Lush Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser

Hello Internet Friends.

IMG_7228 IMG_7232

Can you believe that this is the first Lush product I’ve ever bought? Crazy right. Considering the beauty world has been going crazy over Lush products for at least five years. Anyway, the reason for this is simple. I live in Australia. And we are always the last place to get new shops. They launch in Europe and take an eternity to get to our shores. And they only every open in metropolitan areas. My closest Lush is 90 mins away in Melbourne, and that kills me. But I digress…

Today I am going to review my favourite Lush product (I can say that because it is the only Lush product I’ve tried).

I love when you find a product that does what it says on the package. And the Angels on Bare Skin cleanser is one of those products. The cleanser claims to even out skin tone, reduce redness and improve the health and appearance of skin,, and this is exactly what it does. My skin has, in all honesty, never looked better or felt more soft. It works for my skin type and is designed to work with any skin type, which is absolutely fantastic.

The cleanser has a really strong smell. It took me a few uses but I now really enjoy the it. If you don’t like the smell of lavender than this is not the product for you. But I now really like it.

My only negative is that you have to make up the paste in your hands with water. It may be just me but I am always losing bits in the gaps of my fingers and I feel like I am washing a lot of the product down the sink without it even touching my skin.

I have loved using this product and cannot wait to get back to Lush to try some new stuff. Give me your recommendations, what are your favourite Lush products?

Until next time. x

Review: Maybelline SuperStay 24hr Foundation

Hello Internet Friends


I bought this foundation about a month ago now and I think I may have foundation to replace the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation as my go to foundation. Big call I know. But honestly, I absolutely love this foundation.

Firstly, I really love the consistency/coverage. I have tried foundations that have been to runny and I’ve used foundations that have been far to thick. This foundation is the happy medium. If you are having a particularly good skin day, you can use just a thin layer however on days when you want/need a heavier base you can easily build up the coverage.

Secondly, colour. I find it really difficult to find foundations that match my skin tone. I am quite pale, but I find that the palest shades of foundation are often yellow based and that really doesn’t suit my face at all. I actually got my skin tone matched in the shop and was surprised to find that Sand Beige was the right colour for me. I love it, not too yellow, not too pink, not too orange, just right.

FInally, shine factor. I have combination skin. Unbelievably oily in the T-zone, dry on the cheeks. Again, this can make finding the perfect foundation really difficult. I also much prefer to be slightly dewy than matte. This foundation really does provide that look.

If you would like to see what the foundation looks like in action, click over to my latest FOTD.

What foundation is your go to product? I’m curious to find out what product you turn to for flawless skin.

Until next time. x

July Favourites

Hello Internet Friends.
I cannot believe that it is the end of July already. This year is going crazy fast.
As it is the end of the month, it is obviously time for my July favourites.

This month I have been loving the high ponytail. As it has been freezing cold this month I have been wearing a lot of scarves, so in order to avoid the dreaded hair matt, I have been wearing my hair in a messy high pony. It is so easy to do, takes only seconds, and you are ready to go for the day.


July has been all about the winged eyeliner for me. The best thing about winter is that you can get away with wearing a heavier makeup look. I’ve been rocking winged eyeliner nearly everyday this month. It’s taken me a few months to perfect the look. It still takes me forever to do, but I’m getting much better at it.

I have a couple of fashion based favourites this month.

Firstly, I recently got a new pair of sunglasses in a closing down sale for $4. I absolutely love them. The shape and size just really suit my face. All I need is some more sun in the Southern Hemisphere to get some wear out of them.

Secondly, about a fortnight ago I bought myself a bowler hat. I have always wanted one, but never had the confidence to wear it. I decided to bite the bullet and have worn it a multitude of time since. It’s been really good in this wintery weather, keeping my head warm but still being a little bit stylish.



We recently obtained Netflix so I have been reliving the medical drama that is Grey’s Anatomy. I’d forgotten how much I adored Lexie Grey as a character. She is just amazing, so relatable. Surprisingly, it has really been helping with my study. The medical part of the show is actually quite accurate, my knowledge surrounding trauma has really improved.


The only movie I saw this month was The Fault in Our Stars. And God, it was amazing. I’m generally apprehensive when it comes to book-to-movie adaptations but this one was great. I didn’t cry, surprisingly, but I was really lost in the moment throughout the whole film. Augustus May be obnoxious but I love him.


My go to food this month has been porridge. I’ve had it most mornings for breakfast with strawberries, bananas and blueberries. It’s a great way to start the day, I love it.

July 2014 will always be the first month that I ran 5km without stopping. This is the first time in my life that I have ever been able to fun that far. I’m so proud of myself. And that’s something I haven’t said in a long time.

Until next time. x

My Bookshelf #2: Allegiant by Veronica Roth.

Hello Internet Friends.

*This post will have spoilers. If you have not read any of the Divergent series, do not continue reading this post. Instead, go and read the books and come back. Trust me.*

Now into the very brief reaction.

I only started the Divergent series a week ago, and after finishing Divergent (which had been on my TBR shelf for well over a year) I immediately went out and bought Insurgent and Allegiant.

Allegiant makes me angry. It had so much potential. I was absolutely wrapped up in the world that Veronica Roth created, I fell in love with her characters and had so many questions about what was on the outside. And then, I was disappointed.

Firstly, GP versus GD. I didn’t get it. Maybe I wasn’t fully able to immerse myself in the world or something, but to me GP versus GD didn’t seem like that much of an issue. It was what I was expecting as the reason for Chicago being shut off from the world. I was expecting some sort of disease, or something a little bit more dramatic than genetic modifications.

Next, the two point perspective. For me, there was little to no difference between Tris’ and Tobias’ points of view. Honestly, if I ever forgot to look at the narrators name at the start of each paragraph I had absolutely no idea who’s POV I was reading.

Finally, the deaths. Veronica Roth is an evil, evil lady. The death of Tris shocked me, but I wasn’t that surprised. As soon as I saw it was from two POV’s I knew that either she or Tobias would be killed. The death of Uriah seemed unnecessary. The one that caused me to be physically affected, so much so, I had to put the book down and wipe my eyes, was Tori. But not when Tori died, but when you found out that George was still alive. Tori’s wole reason for living, for doing what she did, for leading the Allegiant, was to avenge her brothers death. And what happens, she dies pages before we meet George. Heartwrenching.

I’m going to stop writing now as I can feel my heart breaking into two again, but I shall leave you with some stray thoughts.

1. Loved the scattering of Tris’ ashes. I thought it was unbelievably fitting.

2. The way Tobias reacted when he found out he wasn’t divergent angered me. It wasn’t the Four that I had come to love.

3. God I hate Nita, and Tobias for falling for it.

That is all.

Until next time. x

Review and Reflect #2: The Day of the Doctor

The Doctor, The Hero & The Warrior

Hello Internet Friends.

I have just finished watching the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who. And as my friend and I said to each other as the episode concluded, I can die happy.

‘The Day of the Doctor’ was promised. And the day of the doctor is what we got. All over the world Whovians, and non-Whovians alike celebrated the 50th anniversary of, in my opinion, one of the greatest science fiction programs ever made.

The internet has been buzzing in the past 24 hours, with Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr going Doctor Who mad. Even Google got in on the action, celebrating with a Google Doodle which gave me, and I am slightly embarrassed to admit this, hours of entertainment.

I would like to say that this post may contain spoilers. It will also include my feelings about the episode in, hopefully, a coherent and logical sequence. However, after what I have experienced in the last couple of hours, I am not making any promises.

For me, this episode was perfect.

I watched it with a couple of friends. One, who like me is a whovian through and through, the other a newcomer to the franchise. But all three of us laughed, screamed, and cried throughout this episode. It contained the right balance of humour, tension and wonder, which perfectly paid tribute to Doctor Who.

The banter between the three doctors (Matt Smith, David Tennant and John Hurt) was, in my eyes, what really made the episode. It was a dream come true for many Doctor Who fans to have Ten and Eleven in an episode together, and this episode really delivered.

Stephen Moffat is an absolute genius. I have to admit, I’ve been disappointed with his writing in the past. But in this episode he really payed homage to the franchise.  He respected classic Who, respected the fans, and gave us the epitome of Doctor Who episodes.

‘The Day of the Doctor’ reminded me why I fell in love with Doctor Who in the first place. It was eccentric, quirky and quintessentially British. It made me laugh, it made me cry and it left me wanting more.

Happy 50th Anniversary Doctor Who. Lets hope for another 50.

Until next time. x