Review: Proactiv+

Hello Internet Friends.


I mentioned in my October Favourites that I had recently bit the bullet and purchased the Proactiv+ system.

And I love it.

Over the past 10 years I have tried nearly every product with every different key ingredient in the hope that it would clear up my skin. After years of experimenting I found that Benzoyl Peroxide works best for my skin. So I decided to give the Proactiv+ system a go.

And while I try to be as natural as possible with what I put on my skin, my acne caused me so much trauma and embarrassment that I would try anything just to see some results.

The Proactiv+ System, while harsh, is a miracle product for me.

It has been amazing for my skin. In just a few months my skin has cleared up significantly. Don’t get me wrong, its not perfect. But the spots I get now are just little red spots not those angry cystic pimples that cause pain and embarrassment.

Probably TMI, but I naturally breakout around my chin and cheeks at that time of the month. This past month however all I got was  one single spot on my cheek. And after years of painful chin spots, I am so grateful to have found a product that works.

I have now found the confidence to leave the house without makeup, which is not something I’ve been able to do in about 5 years.

I tried to find a before photo for a before and after but I cannot find a photo of me not wearing makeup to coverup my spots.

I’m so grateful that I am able to wear makeup for fun, and experiment with it because I want to, not because I feel like I have to.

Until next time. x

Disclaimer: The Proactiv+ system is expensive and may not work for everybody. Be sure before making any expensive purchases. Not a sponsored post.


Spring Essentials

Hello Internet Friends. And Hello September!

Hooray! We’ve finally made it to spring in the southern hemisphere and I am so excited. I’m so ready for sunshine, and flowers, and finshing my degree. This season, and this month in particular is going to be a super crazy one. I’ve got multiple job interviews this week, assignments to write and exams to study for. But I digress….

In this post I will be sharing with you some of my spring essentials. These are the things that I cannot live without during the spring months.

♥ Florals ♥


Spring is all about the florals for me. Spring is a really beautiful season, the sun comes out, the birds sing and the flowers bloom. I love to reflect this in my wardrobe. Here are some of my favourite floral pieces.

♥ Colour ♥


In the same vein as florals, Spring allows me to add some more colour into my wardrobe. My favourite colours to wear are orange, mustard/yellow and bright blue.

♥ Sunglasses ♥


Fairly self-explanatory this one. More sun = need for sunglasses.

♥ Sandals ♥


The sun means that I am finally able to get my tootsies out. I love just being able to throw on a pair of sandals and look put together.

♥ Pink Lipstick ♥


Spring = Pink Lips. My favourite pink lip is the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Apocaliptic. I love the formula. They last all day, with minimal reapplication. They are also unbelievably pigmented.  A little goes a long way.

♥ CC Cream ♥


As the weather gets warmer I tend to wear less makeup. I, however, due to pesky pimples and redness, need a bit of coverage. This is why I love a CC cream.

♥ Body Butter ♥


Let’s be honest. After a long winter, with legs being covered up they can get a bit gross. I am guilty of forgetting about body skincare when the weather is colder. As the sun comes out, I rely on body butters to get my skin in better condition. As I have previously mentioned on this blog, I am addicted to the Body Shop boy butters.  I will go through multiple tubs this spring/summer, before the sun disappears next May.

Until next time. x

This or That? Beauty Edition (Tag)

Hello Internet Friends.

I came across this tag while scrolling through Jaclyn Comeau’s blog today and it looked like fun so I thought I’d give it a go.



Blush or Bronzer: Bronzer. I have a round face so need bronzer for contouring. I also love a bronzed beach glow.

Lip gloss or Lipstick: Lipstick. I find most lip glosses too sticky

Eyeliner or Mascara: Mascara. I never leave the house without mascara. My natural eyelashes are short and ginger.

Foundation or Concealer: Foundation.

Neutral or Color Eye shadow: Neutral.

Pressed or Loose eye shadows: Pressed. Loose shadows are far too messy for my ability level.

Brushes or Sponges: Brushes.I love the real techniques brushes.



O.P.I or China Glaze: OPI

Long or Short: Mid-range (is that cheating?)

Acrylic or Natural: Natural

Brights or Darks: Brights. I’m a sucker for a muted neon.

Flower or No Flower: No Flower.



Perfume or Body Splash: Perfume.

Lotion or Body Butter: Body Butter. Especially from the Body Shop. Love them.

Body wash or Soap: Body wash

LUSH or Other Bath Company: LUSH



Jeans or Sweat pants: Jeans

Long sleeve or Short: Long sleeve

Dresses or Skirts: Dresses

Stripes or Plaid: Stripes. Black and white.

Flip flops or Sandals: Sandals

Scarves or Hats: Scarves

Studs or Dangly Earrings: Studs

Necklaces or Bracelets: Bracelets

Heels or Flats: Flats for everyday, but I do really enjoy a good pair of heels.

Cowboy Boots or Riding Boots: Riding boots, but I don’t really wear either

Jacket or Hoodie: Hoodie. I am a sucker for a grey hoodie, I have about 5.

Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe: Probably Forever 21

Abercombie or Hollister: Abercrombie

Saks 5th or Nordstrom: Never shopped in either



Curly or Straight: Straight

Bun or Ponytail: Bun. I love to just throw my hair in a messy bun and walk out the door.

Bobby pins or Butterfly clips: Bobby Pins.

Hair spray or Gel: Hair spray.

Long or Short: Long

Light or Dark: Light

Side sweep bangs or Full bangs: Side sweep bangs

Up or Down: Down

R A N D O M 


Rain or Shine: Shine

Summer or Winter: Summer. I love the sunshine, bikinis, swimming, long nights, walks, beaches, barbecues etc

Fall or Spring: Spring. Flowers, sunshine, blue skies, end of university…. I could go on.

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate 100%

East coast or West coast: I am assuming this is for an American audience and as I have never been I cannot answer. However for Australia, definitely the East Coast.

I hope you enjoyed finding out some new things about me.
I tag anyone who wants to give this ago. It really was a lot of fun to think about.
Until next time.

August Favourites

Hello Internet Friends.

It seems only yesterday that I was writing my July favourites, yet here we are again, at the end of another month. This month has been absolutely hectic. We started off with the snowfall of a decade, squeezed in a Canberra getaway, partied hard like we were 22, all while completing the toughest month of university so far. I have however had time to find some more favourites to share with ya’ll.

♥ Makeup ♥

Maybelline SuperStay 24hr Foundation


I reviewed this product earlier in the month (which you can read here) so I won’t go into to much detail, let’s just say that I may have found my new favourite foundation.

♥ Skincare ♥

Lush Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser


I had heard so many good things about this product that I just had to give it a go, and it is seriously one of the best cleansers I have ever used. I can have quite sensitive skin, so I was amazed when this cleanser didn’t give my breakouts, or lead to dryness, or create oil. It just does what it says on the package and leaves your skin feeling so unbelievably smooth. Read my review here.

♥ Clothing ♥

Cotton On Deluxe Sporty Jean.

Mid-August I treated myself to a new pair of jeans. But these are not any pair of jeans, they are sporty jeans. Basically they are a cross between a jean and a track pant. They are unbelievably comfortable, but still look like you are making an effort. I have worn them nearly every day since I bought them and I don’t plan on stopping.

♥ Electronics ♥

Moki Pro Studio Headphones

I got these for my birthday this month and I absolutely love them. They are really comfortable to wear, and block out any outside noise. The sound quality is excellent. I also really love the colour. Yes, I know that white is technically not a colour, but I just think that they go with absolutely everything.

♥ Food/Drink ♥

Green Tea


This month I’ve jumped on the Green Tea bandwagon. There is nothing better in life than curling up under the doona with a cup of tea. I’d always known that green tea was good you (boosts metabolism, full of antioxidants etc) but I’d never been brave enough to drink it. Basically, it was the colour that always put me off. In all honesty, it looks like pee. And plain green tea tastes like it too, that’s why I now drink mine with lemon. I like to have four cups a day – breakfast, morning tea, afternoon, tea and before bed.

Sweet William Chocolate

I am gluten and lactose intolerant. I am also a chocolate addict. You see my problem here. I have tried nearly every gluten free/dairy free/nut free/egg free chocolate on the market, and they always end with the same result –  taste free. This month I discovered Sweet William Dairy Free chocolate and it is amazing. Don’t get me wrong, its no Lindt, but comparatively to the other garbage I have tried in the last five years, this chocolate is heaven.

♥ Fitness ♥

My favourite workout this month has been the Blogilates 1000 squat challenge. I have completed this three times now, and I have noticed an amazing change in my legs and butt. I’d read all the posts on Tumblr about how great squats are for your legs, and now I am a convert. I cannot wait for some warmer weather to show my hard work off.

♥ People ♥

This month I’ve spent a lot of time procrastinating university work by watching some beauty gurus on Youtube. I am planning on writing a full post on my favourites so I will just provide you with a list of lovely ladies that I think you should check out:



Essie Button


Arden Rose


Kalel Cullen


Niomi Smart.


This month has been unbelievably crazy, and looking at my calendar, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

 Until next time. x

Review: Lush Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser

Hello Internet Friends.

IMG_7228 IMG_7232

Can you believe that this is the first Lush product I’ve ever bought? Crazy right. Considering the beauty world has been going crazy over Lush products for at least five years. Anyway, the reason for this is simple. I live in Australia. And we are always the last place to get new shops. They launch in Europe and take an eternity to get to our shores. And they only every open in metropolitan areas. My closest Lush is 90 mins away in Melbourne, and that kills me. But I digress…

Today I am going to review my favourite Lush product (I can say that because it is the only Lush product I’ve tried).

I love when you find a product that does what it says on the package. And the Angels on Bare Skin cleanser is one of those products. The cleanser claims to even out skin tone, reduce redness and improve the health and appearance of skin,, and this is exactly what it does. My skin has, in all honesty, never looked better or felt more soft. It works for my skin type and is designed to work with any skin type, which is absolutely fantastic.

The cleanser has a really strong smell. It took me a few uses but I now really enjoy the it. If you don’t like the smell of lavender than this is not the product for you. But I now really like it.

My only negative is that you have to make up the paste in your hands with water. It may be just me but I am always losing bits in the gaps of my fingers and I feel like I am washing a lot of the product down the sink without it even touching my skin.

I have loved using this product and cannot wait to get back to Lush to try some new stuff. Give me your recommendations, what are your favourite Lush products?

Until next time. x

FOTD #2: Airport

Hello Internet Friends.



The Body Shop InstaBlur Primer

Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach

Maybelline 24hr SuperStay Foundation in Sand Beige

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in 001 Ivory


Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzer in Light

Maybelline FitMe Blush in Medium Rose


Stila ‘In the Light’ Pallette

Lid – Kitten

Liner/Lash Line – Ebony

Brows – Sandstone

Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Waterproof


Nivea Lip Balm

Until next time. x

My Travel Essentials: Carry On

Hello Internet Friends.


In a couple of days I will be getting into a plane to fly to our nation’s capital, Canberra. So today I am going to share with you my travel essentials; things that I would not be able to live without while on the road/on a plane.

Beauty/Skin Care

-Hand Sanitiser-

I never leave the house without my Soap and Glory Hand Maid. It just moves from handbag to handbag, going with me everywhere I go. It is an essential for me when I travel. Planes are a breeding pool for germs, and I for one don’t want to start my trip with some kind of infectious illness. Thus, hand sanitiser.


Whether you are on a plane for an hour (as I will be) or for a long haul flight, the air conditioner will dry out your skin. When I fly I always wear a moisturiser or moisturising BB Cream that day to keep the moisture in my skin. Also, as I am flying to one of the coldest capital cities in Australia, I can imagine that the wind will be cold and dry, again drying out my skin.

-Lip Balm-

The reasoning behind taking a lip balm is the same as moisturiser. Planes dry out lips and there is nothing worse than dry and cracked lips.


-iPhone + Headphones-

Pretty self explanatory this one. I never go anywhere without my phone/social media device/maps/music/life blood. Really important for Instagraming every aspect of your trip. Also, for the flight you need a good pair of headphones to block out the screaming children and general plane noises.


I am a documenter. Is that a word? Well it is now anyway. I always carry with me some type of camera. For Canberra, I will be taking my Canon 600D, my Instamax Mini and my iPhone. Not a moment will remain uncaptured.



Maybe you are the type of person to wing it. I am not. I have nearly every waking moment of my trip planned. We will be visiting all of the sites in Canberra, visiting the Australian War Memorial, Questacon, National Museum and Parliament House, all for a designated amount of time. I may have a bit of an organisational problem (yeah, that’s what we’ll call it).


A really good magazine is essential for in-flight entertainment and killing time at the airport.

-Empty Water Bottle-

 This is probably my favourite travel tip. Take an empty water bottle in your bag so that you can fill it up once you get past security, and you don’t have to spend money for water on the plane.

Until next time. x